Gardening Tips for Beginners 

Have a flair for gardening? Get your gloves on with confidence with these gardening tips made for you. 

Don’t worry if you have never gardened before in your life. With these tips, you will have a flourishing garden soon to the envy of your neighbours. 

Choose the site 

Remember that not every plant grows everywhere. So when choosing the perfect site for your garden, let it be in a place you can visibly see it from your kitchen window or patio. As a beginner gardener, out of sight is out of mind, so pick a garden spot you can see from your home. 

Follow the sun 

Whether you are in for decorative plant or a vegetable patch, the sun is crucial in growing beautiful plants. So in addition to choosing the right location, ensure that your garden is cited in the East to receive adequate sunlight throughout the day.  

Keep it down on the watering 

We are always excited to watch our first seedlings burst through the soil, but hey; stay low on the watering. Plants take in moisture from the atmosphere, and too much watering will kill them than grow them. 

Furthermore, too much water can lead to infection or create the perfect breeding ground for mould. 

Choosing the right soil 

This is where your primary school science knowledge comes into play. We have three types of soils – loamy soil contains the right proportion of sand, slits, and nutrients to make plants grow well. 

Well, other soil might grow some plants; choosing loamy soils will encourage your efforts to become a seasoned gardener in no distant time. 

Pick plant that can endure 

You probably have some plants in mind that you are itching to plant as your first garden plants. 

That is good, but no don’t do that yet. 

Not all plants can withstand the stress of planting; transplanting, and moving; it stresses them out and will destroy them too. 

 So choose plants wisely and learn the process before you go for delicate plants. 

Weeds are pretty but dangerous 

Yes, they grow fast producing beautiful flowers that you are tempted to keep. 

Don’t keep them, don’t feed them, they will invade your garden and spoil all your hard work before dusk. Be ruthless with them and remove them from the roots regularly. 

Read up (or Google) 

Yes, there are more books on gardening from the experts on bookshelves and the internet. Everyone has a tip or two to make you a successful gardener, while all the tips aren’t necessarily for you, they will build you up and equip you with the fundamentals of gardening. 

Have fun 

Gardening is fun only if you want it too. There will be some hard work along the line or every day, either way, try to enjoy the process and watch the plants grow. 

Finally, don’t crowd the plants together, give them some breathing space, and keep learning. We are pretty sure that with these tips, you are on your way becoming a professional.